current job title:Technical Lead at

biography:I make things for the web, currently with React as my "weapon of choice." Prior to that I've built component libraries following the atomic design principles, JavaScript-based eBook readers, realtime competitive educational multiplayer HTML5 games, iOS and Android Apps, Flash games, desktop applications and run-of-the-mill websites.

about this website:This is my portfolio website, powered by Gatsby and hosted using GitHub Pages. It exists to mirror any content that I create elsewhere on the web, because it seems prudent to maintain a level of distrust of third party services.

This website is designed with the intent to be fast, lightweight and accessible. It is primarily about the content and exploring what can be achieved with raw text and media files, rather than bespoke HTML.



Hi, I'm James.

I prefer James when face-to-face. My online handle / username is predominantly @psyked.

Why this website/document exists

Writing a self-README feels like a good way to share my own thoughts about working with myself, in a format that's curated by me and always available - unlike an email, Slack message or passing conversations which could get lost or misrepresented over time. Plus, all of the cool kids are doing it.

About me


By some definitions I'm an Introvert, and by others an Extrovert. If you're interested, I come out as an "Architect" (INTJ) or a "Mediator" (INFP) in Myers-Briggs tests, according to how I'm feeling. In practice that generally means that in chaotic or social environments I tend towards being more quiet and reserved, but I'm motivated by the feedback of other people rather than myself.

Social Media & me (other websites)

I'm on Twitter and Instagram. I also have accounts on GitHub, GitLab, StackOverflow and LinkedIn. I publish articles as often as I can on Medium, and mirror them on GitHub Pages.

Hobbies & Interests

I read for pleasure and I enjoy writing. I prefer Science Fiction or Fantasy Novels and the occasional Thriller. I appreciate good, engaging writing.

Pokémon holds a special, nostalic, place in my interests; as does generative art. I'm also a fan of LEGO™, and fascinated by the development of Emoji - from both a technical and cultural point of view.

Professional Interests

I'm interested in techniques and tools for managing teams of developers. Day-to-day I work with a React project in a Monorepo. I'm interested in things like HTML5 APIs, CSS and SASS, Docker, Jenkins, Node, Babel, Postcss, Redux and general architecture patterns for Javascript applications, in no particular order.

About this website

This is a static HTML website. It is generated by Gatsby and the pages are a mix of React and Markdown, and is hosted on GitHub Pages. It's all open source, and you can see how everything works by looking at the source code.