At this point, we’ve prototyped our idea, improved it visually, sorted out our own store of data, and now it’s time to — finally — go live.

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version 1.0 is now live!

In the spirit of Agile, I’m not going to wait for every one of my crazy ideas to be finished before opening it up to the whole world — we’re going to go live with an MVP and soft launch our way to world domination.

In a fit of impulsiveness (and on the wrong side of midnight) I’ve decided to stick with the working project name and purchase it as a domain name:, so now we’ve even got a real domain, and we can stop redirecting our beta testers to a subdomain.


One of my sly objectives with this project was to also try out advertising, using a service like Google Adsense to make some money out of it all. I’ve never added adverts to any of my side projects before — hating adverts as much as the next internet user — but this time I’ll selectively ignore my own disapproval of advertising to give some money-making opportunity a shot, even if it is to see for myself just how fantastically unprofitable it really is!

I’ve made a little space down the bottom of the screen for adverts to appear, signed up to Google Adsense, created a few tags and dropped them into the design. We’ll see how well that goes as time progresses.

PokéProject is now live @