Ok, so I didn't get my ass into gear and enter the competition - but others did, and their designs are now available to view online. The results are announced tomorrow (being Monday) Check out the competition website.

I've had a mosey through the designs, and these are my favourates...







Shades of Grey


I'm pipping Sandpress for the win, with Shades of Grey and possibly MIX in the followup. Hands-down, Sandpress has the professional polish that makes all other entries pale in comparision. Shades is nice overall, with good structure, but lacks oopfh. MIX has a nice structure, but some nasty colours and graphics. Blackbox is a bit rough, but I like how different and bold the design is - but as for being adopted as a mainstream, bundled theme (which is what the competition is about), I don't think there's a chance.